Thankfully, most of us have never been evicted from our homes by a tornado or hurricane. Also thankfully, Gatormade Mobile Relief Shower Trailers were made available at the time of Hurricane Katrina. The video explains how they work.

Shower Trailers

Picture an extra-long horse box pulled behind a tractor-trailer, and you’ll have what a shower trailer looks like. It has from one to 20 shower stalls, pull-down seating, hooks for clothing, a dressing area, an outside door, and, most importantly, privacy.

Video Source

Comfort is assured by air conditioning for hot or humid days and heat for cold ones. Water is heated by LP gas water heaters. The water and electricity are easily accessible to professionals.

Laundry Facilities

One or two stacked washers and dryers are available in each laundry trailer. Electricity is easily accessible via electric landing gear.

Other Features

Natural disasters aren’t the only uses for these trailers. Woodstock, for example, would have been the perfect place for shower trailers. Churches, the homeless, and some events use them, too. Offices, kitchens, and handicapped rooms with showers are also available for municipalities requiring such accommodation.

We’re grateful to Gatormade for thinking of this most necessary aid to those victimized by vicious storms.