It’s nearing two years since the pandemic started. However, until today, the number of cases of the covid-19 is still rising in most countries in the world. Health experts are doing everything on their edge to help people avoid contracting the virus.

Taking a regular test will help you determine if you are Covid-19 positive. There are two ways of tests that you can take.

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The rapid test is one of the common tests that health experts do to test if you are positive. The other way is the PCR test which is more accurate and reliable in giving correct results.

Rapid antigen test is a popular step in knowing you contracted Covid-19. You can do the test in your home. You can buy the test kits in pharmacies and administer them on your own.

The rapid antigen test is not as accurate as the PCR test. However, the result can still give you valuable information. Rapid testing is easy, and in 15 minutes, you can get your results. Taking a regular rapid test can help in minimizing the spread of the virus. You should take the test if you feel that you have the symptoms of the virus. It is also best to take if you are going into gatherings or holidays to ensure that you are safe to join a certain group of people.