Have you ever considered getting Botox but weren’t sure about the process Let’s go over everything you can expect during the process. According to the video, botox is used to pause the muscle function in the face for several months. The purpose is to remove wrinkles around the face and eyes.

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The first thing to note is that botox isn’t a permanent fix, but needs to be done again in three to six months. This all ranges on different things and the person themselves. Botox is also used to assist with migraines for those who have them regularly.

Before getting botox injections, it’s important to know who’s giving the injections at different spas and how they’re giving them. When botox injections are done properly by someone who is trained, they will be met with the physician, and ensure that they’re getting the right medicine. This consultation will determine where they’re getting the injections and why. Before the botox injections are entered, the areas getting the injections will be numbed first and then the botox applied. After the injections are over, the patient is given ice packs and some time to relax, ensuring there aren’t any reactions or issues. After a few minutes of the patient showing positive signs, they’re allowed to leave and move forward with their daily activities. This can include going back to work after the procedure.