The YouTube video gives viewers an idea about what men should wear when they attend ballet class for the first time. In ballet, you will move around a lot, so you must wear clothing that allows for freedom of movement. However, remember that your attire should adhere to the ballet school’s dress code.

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The ballet school may make recommendations about what you can wear also.


Men’s Ballet School Dress Code

Your first point of order is investing in ballet shoes or ballet slippers designed for men. Men’s ballet shoes are designed for specific movements and provide appropriate support for men when performing these movements. You can always consult the ballet school’s instructor for guidance and advice if unsure. The second most important piece of attire is tights. However, not just any pair of tights, men’s ballet tights.


Men’s ballet tights are specifically designed for ballet. They offer instructors insight into how the dancer moves, their technique, and where they should improve. A fitted t-shirt or tank top for men allows for freedom of movement and doesn’t restrict the dancer when performing moves. If the dancer has long hair, it should be pinned back neatly. Hair should be out of the face and not obstruct movement or vision when dancing.


Finally, avoid shorts and clothes that are too baggy. The point is to move as freely as possible.