It is commonly known that many Americans are overweight or obese, and this even includes those under 18 years of age. A number of factors have been blamed for this, and some are commonly accepted as being culprits for this unhealthy trend. In fact, more than two in three adults today is now considered to be overweight or even obese. Many Americans are aware of this trend and make efforts to lose body fat, but sometimes, this doesn’t work out as well as intended. Many Americans say that they lack the discipline to lose weight, for example. The good news is that many medical professionals are available to help a person start a weight loss program, and medical weight loss programs may take many forms. Some of them involve rapid weight loss with surgery, while others involve a doctor and nutritionist who can help a patient lose weight with a new lifestyle. A quick weight loss center can offer surgery to reduce a person’s weight, while a medical weight loss center may offer even more options. What might medical weight loss programs entail today?

Causes for Obesity

Why are so many Americans overweight and in need for medical weight loss programs? One reason is sedentary lifestyles. The human body is naturally designed to move, but modern lifestyles often don’t involve the proper amount of bodily exertion. Many children today, for example, are using electronic screens more than ever, and they may use computers or handheld games for hours even on school days. Kids are encouraged to exercise and play outside, but they often don’t. Parents today often agree that their kids should play outside more, but they don’t always take the steps needed to get their kids moving. And adults are doing no better; most have jobs that involve sitting in an office all day, and they don’t do cardio or weight training. Most Americans fall short of the exercise standards set by various health agencies, and kids and adults alike are not meeting those quotas.

Bad eating is another concern. Many Americans eat a lot of fast food or highly processed foods that are packed with extra sugar, fats, and calories. These ingredients are no accident; they are meant to make food taste better, but at the cost of adding a lot of body fat to a person from sugar and fat alike. Americans eat more fast food than ever, and this is showing up on everyone’s waistlines. What can a person do to fix this?

Medical Weight Loss Programs

A person who intends to lose weight can follow to general paths: surgery, or a diet and exercise program.

With medical weight loss programs, a person may choose to have surgery done to reduce their body weight. This may include gastric bypasses, for example, to actually reduce the size of their stomach. This way, the person feels full sooner, after having consumed less food. This can lead to weight loss without the cost of constant hunger or cravings that often lead to extra eating. Other times, a person may also have body fat surgically removed.

If a person is unwilling or unable to get surgery, they can use more natural means of weight loss with medical weight loss programs. This involves consulting a nutritionist and doctor first, to ensure that a new diet and exercise program will be both effective and healthy. Once that hurdle is cleared, a person can alter his or her diet and start getting more exercise. A new diet will start by cutting out fast foods and processed foods from the person’s diet, eliminating the unhealthy sugars and fats that such foods contain. The same can be said for soda and other sugary drinks. This alone can stop weight gain and even result in mind weight loss, but more can be done. A person may also replace other foods with whole, organic food across the food pyramid. Wheat and grains, fruits and vegetables, milk and cheese, and chicken, fish, and beans can be come personal staples. This leads to natural weight loss, better nutrition, and new cooking and recipe ideas all at the same time. Exercise can involve cardio and weight training alike, and this can include sports such as soccer, swimming, or even martial arts.