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Whether it comes to acne in adolescence or wrinkles as you age, everyone will likely deal with some type of skin problem over the course of their lives. However, while there are a variety of acne treatment products and anti-aging cosmetic procedures, other disorders are less easily identified, raising questions about the best way to treat them. Take the condition verrucous acanthoma, for example: this typically benign skin growth occurs frequently, but is rarely ever discussed. What is a verrucous acanthoma, and should you seek out the best dermatologist in your area for treatment?

What is Verrucous Acanthoma?
If you do an online search for “verrucous acanthoma”, you will likely be directed to results regarding “Acanthoma”, a rare type of skin tumor that can become malignant in some cases. Fortunately, verrucous acanthoma is much more mild: also defined as seborrheic keratoses, this condition appears as a wart-like lesion that ranges in color from skin-color to jet black. Verrucous acanthoma are specifically defined as extremely large or thick cases of the condition. The lesions are often inherited, appear as a person ages, and are extremely common.

Do I Need to See the Best Dermatologist in My Area to Treat This Condition?
In most cases, verrucous acanthoma is benign and will not require treatment. However, if the lesion features a mixture of colors, it can resemble an atypical mole or melanoma and will likely need to be biopsied to check for skin cancer. Additionally, some lesions may cause intense itching, irritation or bleeding, and some patients may find them unattractive. In these cases, the verrucous acanthoma can be removed with the help of the best dermatologist in your area.

How Is Verrucous Acanthoma Removed?
There are several methods of removing verrucous acanthoma, including cryosurgery, or freezing; curettage, or scraping; and electrodessication, or burning. The correct technique will be determined by your dermatologist and should never be performed at home.

Do you think you have verrucous acanthoma? Make an appointment with a local dermatologist today to check for skin cancer and discuss removal methods.