Tattoo hair designs

A shocking number of men are all-too-familiar with hair loss, and very few are willing to admit it. Almost half, or 40% of U.S. men will lose some or all of their hair by age 35, and a whopping 60% will experience hair loss before 65. Men have a few options; they can either grin and bear it, or they can do whatever it takes to nourish and regrow their hair. Here are some of the most bizarre tricks that stimulate hair growth.

The Food You May Want To Try Rubbing On Your Head

Have you ever thought of tackling your hair loss by scrubbing your scalp with onions? You may want to reconsider it. According to hair loss and scalp aesthetics experts, grinding up onions into an onion paste and applying it to your scalp can be surprisingly beneficial. “According to several blogs and websites, onion juice’s high sulfur content and antibacterial properties lend itself to ridding your scalp of bacteria that can inhibit growth, as well as stimulate hair follicle health,” a blogger writes.

Some Brandy Might Do The Trick

If you are losing your hair and/or stressing about hair loss solutions and hair loss restoration, a glass (or four) of brandy may sound choice. Apparently, you may also want to mix it up with some fresh aloe and an egg and smooth the mixture onto your head. Leave it there for about an hour for best results.

If All Else Fails, Tattoo Your Head (Really!)

Hair tattoos are literally tattoos on your scalp that resemble hair follicles. In other words, with hair tattoos, you’ll easily look like you have a short hair cut with new hair coming in.

Hair loss restoration is possible. Men may want to try some natural home remedies, like using onion paste or brandy and aloe, or even consider hair tattoos for a more permanent solution. Learn more about this topic here.