If the thought of sitting behind a desk all day at a computer fills you with a sense of dread, then you might want to consider a more active career if you’re looking for a job. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with desk work, getting away from the grind of an office and staying active will keep you in good shape and motivated to do your job well.

So what are the best jobs for active people? Thankfully, there’s a long list of jobs and careers that can keep you active and what you choose will most likely depend on your interests and skills.

Landscaper or Gardener

If spending time outside is your idea of fun, then landscaping or gardening might be among the best jobs for active people. Landscaping might include working for your local city planting flowers and doing grounds work. It might include working to keep up a pristine and renowned golf course, making sure the greens and fairways and bunkers are just right. It might also include working for landscaping companies on a private citizen’s property, where you work to transform their backyard or plant trees and flowers for them.


For many folks, one of the best jobs for active people is working in construction. Working on a construction site, whether you’re a roofing contractor or you’re working on another part of a project, staying active on a job site can help you build camaraderie among your fellow laborers and give you a real sense of accomplishment. As if that wasn’t enough, working on a job site can put you in a good mood because exercise helps release mood-lifting hormones like serotonin to relieve stress.


In layman’s terms, a roustabout is someone who works on an oil rig. Well drilling can be a good way to get exercise because the pay is good and you’re constantly staying active, but even drilling water wells can be a great way to get a good workout. As if that wasn’t enough, you’ll learn about the importance of cleaning and maintaining oil rig equipment.


best jobs for active people

If you’re looking for the best jobs for active people that also bring about a tremendous sense of accomplishment, look no further than farming. By becoming a farmer, you can be away from the hustle and bustle of the big city, living a quieter life and live off the land. It’s true that farmers work long, demanding hours and have to perform an ever-growing variety of physical tasks. But the rewards are numerous. You can grow, harvest, and eat crops that you’ve grown yourself and you can take satisfaction in the fact that your hard work is helping you lead a fulfilling lifestyle.


Another one of the best jobs for active people and perhaps one of the most physically demanding is working as a firefighter or working in fire rescue. Firefighters have an important place in every community, helping to protect people and keep them safe in the event of fires. It’s a job that requires a great deal of strength, stamina, and being able to maneuver over obstacles while carrying heavy loads.

Stuntman or Stuntwoman

If you love to live and work on the edge, then one of the best jobs for active people is that of a stunt performer. It can be a tricky line of work, but racing fast cars, jumping from tall buildings, and performing other physically demanding stunts is more than enough to keep you active and in the best of shape.


Not only is working as a mechanic one of the best jobs for active people, it will also cause others to seek out your services. Whether they need a basic tune-up or a major auto body repair, everyone loves to have an in with an experienced mechanic. When people need their car fixed, especially if they know nothing about cars, they always need a place where they can get their car fixed and fast.

Why else should you be a mechanic? If you love cars, there’s no better job. You can service cars, learn the ins-and-outs of different vehicles and stay plenty active since each car that you work on will require different skills and different equipment you’ll have to work with, like new air compressors, which can help keep tires inflated among other uses.


best jobs for active people

Not all of the best jobs for active people have to be the most physically demanding jobs. In fact, some of them can be just plain fun. Becoming a professional dancer or even a choreographer is a great way to have fun in a job that nonetheless requires a great deal of skill. Being a dancer requires a great deal of strength and stamina, which pairs nicely will a sense of natural rhythm.

Even if you’re not a professional dancer, there are many opportunities for you to be a dance instructor. Depending on your interests or areas of expertise, you can train others in classical forms of dance, more modern forms of dance or even pole fitness, which is yet another way for folks to stay active while pursuing their love of dance.


One of the best jobs for active people that’s also one of the most popular is that of a nurse. There’s no denying that nursing is very physically demanding. You hardly ever get the chance to sit down or take much of a break. You may find times where you’re on the go all the time, but if you love helping people and helping them get healthy and stay healthy, then it’s a great way to stay active.


If you love the outdoors and love wildlife one of the best jobs for active people is that of a fisherman. It’s another physically demanding jobs, especially if you’re hauling trawlers and steering large vessels and cleaning your catch, but it’s another way to pursue your passion and spend long hours and days staying active and doing what you love.


Some of the best jobs for active people are those that offer lots of variety. Nowhere will you find that variety than by being a contractor. Not only that, but you can start your own contracting business and be your own boss.

One of the best benefits of being a contractor is that it’s likely that no two days on the job are ever the same. One day, you might be installing new commercial garage door openers at a newly opened warehouse and the next day you might be putting it new poured flooring for a new homeowner who’s doing some renovations to make their home look brand-new.

best jobs for active people

By working as a contractor, you can truly become a jack-of-all-trades and be on the move all the time since you’ll be doing something different pretty much every day. Much like auto mechanics, everyone can benefit from knowing someone who’s a handyman and can do just about any kind of work when it comes to renovation. If you are skilled at what you do, word of mouth will spread quickly and you may have a full schedule for a long time.

Fitness Instructor

If you love staying active and staying healthy, becoming a fitness instructor is probably right up your alley. What better way to stay healthy than by making exercise part of your job? As a fitness instructor, you can teach group classes like yoga and spin class, or you can offer one-on-one instruction. You’ll be staying active while also encouraging others to stay active and you can change up your routine so that you’re not doing the same workouts, every day.

Waste Disposal

One of the best jobs for active people who are early risers and love working outdoors is waste disposal. Waste disposal demands a good deal of physical labor, but it’s an important service that is essential in every community. Professionals also work in drain field restoration by cleaning and unclogging sewer lines and clearing drains so that public septic systems are rejuvenated and functioning as they properly should.

Hand-in-hand with waste disposal is plumbing. Whether you’re an expert in residential plumbing or you’re experienced in making commercial sewer repairs for local businesses, you’ll stay plenty active by doing an important job that can also be physically demanding.


If you want the chance to go to new places and see new things, then you might consider a job as a freight carrier. Though carrying freight usually involves trucking different kinds of cargo from one place to another, it nonetheless requires you to be in good physical shape. You may find yourself in situations where you’re handling cargo and moving it from one spot to another once you’ve reached your destination. It also takes stamina to be able to drive for long periods of time.

If you’re looking to be a different kind of freight carrier, one of the best jobs for active people is working as a mover. When you really think about it, few jobs help you stay as active as a job that involves carrying boxes and furniture up and down flights of stairs every single day.


If you lead an active lifestyle and are looking for an active job, being a paramedic provides no shortage of activity. Medical workers are usually the first ones on the scene of an accident or an emergency. Not only do paramedics stay active by using physical strength, they must also be mentally tough and able to keep a level head during the most stressful of situations.


While a big part of teaching involves handing out assignments and grading papers, teachers stay plenty active on the job. Between trying to corral students and teach engaging lesson plans, teachers are constantly on the move while trying to teach the subjects they specialize in.

best jobs for active people

This is especially true if you happen to be an elementary school teacher. As any teacher of young students know, such a job requires a lot of energy and a lot of patience. But there’s plenty of chances to stay active as well, especially if you’re teaching physical education to youngsters or supervising them on a field trip.

Law Enforcement

For males and females alike, this is one of the most active jobs available. Police officers required to stay in top physical condition, especially as it relates to flexibility, speed and strength. Not only that, but officers stay active because no two days are alike. One day, an officer might be walking a patrol. The next day, an office might be called on to help an injured person. The day after that, an officer might be searching for evidence in a tight crawlspace.

Event Planner

If you love jobs with keep you active and require immense attention to detail, being an event planner is the perfect job. Whether you’re working a trade show, a wedding, a bridal shower or a birthday party, you’ll be coordinating everything to help bring your client’s vision to life. Most event planners also spend time in an office booking events, but there’s a lot of travel involved, especially if you’re overseeing delivers or checking out a venue to figure out how to set things up.


Much like a paramedic helps sick and injured people, a veterinarian helps sick and injured animals. This is an active job because the duties required are too many to list. Between drawling blood, setting bones, performing surgery, taking x-rays and other duties, vets are always on the move and never short on having things to do.

Find Your Passion

At the end of the day, some people enjoy office life and some people don’t. If you’re always on the move and looking to stay active, find a job you’re passionate about and throw yourself into it. As you’ve read, there are dozens of jobs that can keep you on the go and help you stay active and it all comes down to what kind of job you want to do. By working outdoors or in a labor or fitness-based profession, you’ll be able to exercise, stay active, help others and truly enjoy your work.

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