The human body is designed for exercise and movement, and this is a holdover from pre-historic times when our ancestors hunted wild game across Africa. This involved a lot of running and hunting, a contrast from the sedentary, vegetarian lifestyles of earlier apes and contemporary gorillas and chimpanzees. The human race is a hunter race, and today, we don’t need to chase food anymore but the body still “remembers” that lifestyle. Therefore, responsible Americans will exercise with sports, cardio, and more. The human brain and body have many ways of rewarding exercise and just as many ways to punish a lack of it. One may consider the dopamine rush of the “runner’s high,” for example, and how sleep quality and mood are boosted with an active lifestyle. The bad news is that many American adults and adolescents are overweight or even obese, but this can be fixed. A family medicine doctor may be consulted, or weight loss physicians, to determine best how to lose weight the right way. One can find a weight loss doctor and expect healthy and safe results.

On Obesity

Why are many Americans obese and need to find a weight loss doctor in their area? A number of factors play into a person’s weight, but two major arenas are exertion and diet. Many Americans are not eating well, and they often ignore healthy and wholesome food in favor of fast food and highly processed food in grocery stores. These foods have added sugars and fats in them that make them taste better, but at the expense of adding a lot of unhealthy and empty calories to the consumer. This results in quick gains in body fat. The fast food industry has risen sharply since the 1970s, and for many Americans, processed foods are the norm for their meals.

Many Americans also fall short on their exercise needs. The American Heart Association recommends 30 minutes of exertion several times per week, which is not a lot, but many Americans fall short of even that. Kids and teenagers today spend hours per day using electronic screens, even on school days, and often neglect to exercise outside. Children need exertion not only for calorie burning, but gross motor play helps them develop their coordination and strength and also boosts their mental development. Adults are fully grown, but they may gain weight fast if they are spending all day at sedentary jobs, sit around at home, and generally fail to get cardio or weight training exercise done. The good news is that any able-bodied American can turn this around and find a weight loss doctor in their area.

Visiting the Doctor

Weight loss does not come from a magic pill, contrary to many ads out there. Instead, weight gain and weight loss alike are gradual and natural processes and should be treated as such. Someone interested in transforming their health may find a weight loss doctor in their area with an online search and/or consulting their private physician. A doctor will understand the patient’s needs and their medical history and current status, and this factors into the weight loss plans. Complications such as heart issues, spine problems, recent surgery, diabetes, and more may impact how weight loss is done, and a doctor may set safe guidelines and strategies for their patient.

Once the patient has these guidelines in mind, they can adjust how they eat and exercise. Fast foods and processed foods should be removed from the diet, and this cuts out all unhealthy sugars and fats, which alone can make a big difference. The person may fill their diet with wholesome foods for healthy calorie intake levels and boost nutrition too. Fruits and vegetables, dairy like milk and cheese, lean protein such as eggs and fish, and grains such as whole what (not enriched) can make for a healthy and fun diet. Weight loss diets don’t have to be bland; they can open up all sorts of new flavors and recipe ideas.

Exercise varies by interest and physical limitations. The person may choose as they like from among cardio like swimming or bicycle riding or jogging, or weight training such as dumbbell lifting. They may play sports such as soccer or tennis, or even take martial arts classes to get fit.