Today, not enough Americans are getting up and moving. Sedentary lifestyles revolving around electronic screens and games, fast food, staying indoors, and 9-5 office jobs among adults are leading to a serious rise in obesity and related health issues like heart disease, stroke, and diabetes, but the good news is that any able-bodied American, whether a child or adult, can take responsibility for their weight and their health and get moving again. The best part is, a weight loss program doesn’t have to be a drag; in fact, they can be a lot of fun and be very rewarding all the while. All kinds of cardio and sports can get Americans moving like they should, and a sports store is a great place to start. At a sports store, a customer can find all they need to get into a sport, such as soccer balls, baseball bats, hockey sticks and masks, socks and shoes, jerseys, and much more. A sports store might never be far away, and some well-known brand names are available and smaller ones may be found in most towns and cities. Exercise equipment can be found at local retailers or online too, and they can get any person up and moving in no time.

Rates of Obesity

There are recent trends to show just how overweight some people are today, both kids and adults, and how they got that way. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, for example, has released data showing that only one in three children today is physically active, and this inactivity can lead to health issues later in life. What is more, kids today spend nearly 7.5 hours each day in front of an electronic screen, and one in three high school students spends three or more hours per day playing computer games on school days. Adults are doing no better than their kids; just under 5% of adults are getting the recommended 30 minutes of exercise per day, and just one in three adults gets the recommended weekly amount of exertion, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Inactivity is being paired with bad diets to set off these obesity rates. Many more fast food restaurants have emerged since the 1970s, and these foods often have added sugars and fats that quickly pack on the pounds for consumers of these highly processed foods. Many Americans frequently go right over their recommended daily calorie intakes, and these are often unhealthy calories from sugars and fats. What can be done?

Get Slim

Americans are urged to see their doctor first before starting a major weight loss regimen, to avoid straining muscles or joints or other health issues, especially for older Americans or those with issues such as back pain or recent surgery. A good diet with wholesome, natural foods puts the calorie intake back on track, and it should phase out processed foods in favor of lean meat like chicken and fish, fruits and vegetables, and whole grains (not enriched ones). Meanwhile, the exercise part comes from cardio, sports, and more. A fitness store may have medicine balls, jump ropes, and much more for a workout at home, and bicycles make for great cardio for those interested. A sports store allows someone to easily get into sports such as basketball, soccer, tennis, and more to not only burn calories and fat, but also develop muscles all over their body and feel good about themselves while exercising. These sports can also improve hand-eye coordination and motor skill and teach teamwork and sportsmanship among kids. Teenagers and adults can also try martial arts classes, which burn calories, work out muscles, and teach great self-defense skills all the while. A sports store is great for any child or adult looking for casual sports play, and a kid can join a local sports team such as for soccer (a staple for teaching teamwork), or teenagers can join the sports teams at their high schools to be part of something bigger than themselves and get a proper workout. Adults can join casual local leagues for various sports, and a sports store will have the clothing, game balls, and anything else needed for a good game.