Boise dentist

Dental floss is not only good for making sure your teeth stay bacteria free and healthy, in 1994 a West Virginia prison inmate braided it together and used it to rappel down a prison wall to escape. If you are living in Boise dentists will most likely recommend that their patients not do this, unless they test it out first! Just kidding. Floss is supposed to be for teeth, not illegal activities.

When you are looking for a dentist in Boise you might want to make sure you find someone you are comfortable with. Dental health is very important, especially with technology today, since we have found out just what makes dental health crucial. If you do not take good care of your teeth, not only will you suffer from tooth decay but you are also at risk for heart disease. Heart disease can stem from gingivitis which is a basic gum disease. According to Boise dentists, if gingivitis is not too far along, it can be taken care of simply by scrupulously taking care of your teeth.

While practicing in Boise ID dentists are always looking for patients to take care of. Because the most common disease after the common cold is tooth decay, going to see Boise dentists is very important for Boise residents.

Since people have begun brushing their teeth, tooth brush technology has advanced greatly. Around 1780 the first mass produced toothbrush was made by William Addis. Boise dentists would want you to be more aware of the dangers that come with not taking good care of your teeth. In Boise dentists would recommend that dental patients replace their toothbrushes at least every three months or after they have the flu, a cold or other viral infections.

Dentists in Boise Idaho probably would not have wanted to take care of the teeth of George Washington. They were not actually made of wood, they were made of gold, ivory, lead and both human and animal teeth.