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There are a lot of forms of alternative medicine in the world, and quite a lot of them come laden with some form of stigma. The history of acupuncture has been linked with one such stigma. Despite being unknown to the general public, since a 2007 survey of 3.1 million Americans found that only 1.4 percent of respondents had used acupuncture during that year, there is still a feeling of distrust that pervades the public view of this medicinal practice. It seems as though this anonymity is both based on the distrust and that the distrust is founded upon the practices’ anonymity. As a consumer, it’s important to be as educated as possible about a service before deciding whether or not to invest in it. Here are three things you may not have known about acupuncture:

1. It Can Be Used to Treat Depression

Depression is a general term that can consist of any or all of a handful of symptoms. It can mean loss of interest or focus, an increase in fatigue or an increase in sleeping, or even something as simple as a change in eating habits. Just as the symptoms of depression are varied, so are the ways you can treat it. There are many forms of therapy available, and the history of acupuncture has been littered with instances where it has been one such therapy. Acupuncture for depression is an established solution. Whether one considers acupuncture back pain treatment or depression treatment, it is far from being pigeon-holed as a stress-relief method since all the other benefits of acupuncture are so evident!

2. The Needles Aren’t as Big as You’d Think

Another reason people tend to shy away from acupuncture is discomfort with needles. The needles, however, are not nearly as large as the layman might think. Acupuncture needles tend to be smaller than even hypodermic needles and, because they aren’t hollow, they don’t even draw blood. In fact, the needles are only about as thick as two strands of human hair. One would hardly feel the prick of these needles when they are in use, so this should be the most mild needle-based treatment one could hope for if they are uncomfortable with needles or worried about some sort of acupuncture side effects. The history of acupuncture may be fraught with this sort of anxiety, but it isn’t because of how intimidating its needles are.

3. Acupuncture Has a Shocking Aspect

For skeptics of acupuncture, there is one interesting factoid that is not very well known. Some studies have indicated that, when compared to areas of skin that do not have acupuncture points, those with the points have a higher electrical conductivity. Clearly there is something special about those areas. What do you think about acupuncture? More like this article.