The Centers for Disease Control report that in the United States, there are one billion visits to the doctor each year. Whether your practice sees 100 people in a year, or 1,000, you care a great deal about the work that your physicians are doing. That is why hiring physicians to your team can be so difficult. You’re not just hiring an employee. You’re hiring someone that will be responsible for the health and wellness of your patients. If you need to hire a new physician, these three tips should get you on the right track.

A Good Job Description

You wouldn’t go to the grocery store without a list. Or, if you did, you might expect to come home with way more food than you actually need, or some items that you really didn’t want at all, but that looked good at first glance. The same principle applies to hiring physicians. If you are not absolutely sure about what you want to see in a candidate before you interview them, you might make some split-second decisions that are all wrong for your practice. Make a detailed list of job requirements, recruitment objectives, and characteristics that you want to see.

Asking the Right Questions

Whether you are hiring doctors or maintenance staff, you want to be sure that they fit the culture of your health clinic. A cover letter and resume can be helpful, but hiring physicians comes down to more than how impressive their past training and experience appears to be. Did you know that about 78% of patients in the U.S. want their doctor to shake their hand when they first meet? If the quality of doctor-client interaction is important to you, then ask your candidate to walk you through a first time checkup with a new patient. Think carefully about how you can use the interview to your advantage, and learn more about your candidate.

Talking up Your Practice

What makes your practice worth working at? You may think that you are in charge in the interview, but the candidate also needs to decide whether they even want to work for you. Figure out what makes your practice different, and worth working at. Is it the part-time scheduling? Incentives? Training? Are you using the latest technology? In a physical therapy setting, potential physical therapists may be intrigued if they knew that your clinic was home to some state-of-the-art technology.

Hiring new employees isn’t easy for any business, but hiring physicians can seem like it’s one of the most difficult. If you are worried about selecting the right candidate for the job, then you use the tips outlined here to clarify your objectives, get good information from the candidate, and make your case as a desirable practice to be employed by. Learn more about this topic here: San antonio doctors