Cpap masks for side sleepers

Individuals who have sleep apnea can take comfort in knowing that almost 20 million fellow Americans have the same issue as them. Many of these individuals have found the benefits of using a cpap machine, not only to help them sleep better and feel safer, but also to prevent certain problems from growing. For example, individuals who choose not to treat their sleep apnea are more likely to suffer from heart disease than those who seek treatment. One way to feel more comfortable about this condition is with the help of a sleep apnea machine. Here is why individuals who have this condition should seek out a cpap machine for sale, and how it can help them get a good night?s rest.

Individuals Who Are Affected by Asthma Will Benefit From Using a Machine

Anyone who has asthma and has been diagnosed with a sleep apnea will find it worthwhile to find a cpap machine for sale. This is because these individuals are at a higher risk (over 35%) for problems related to sleep apnea than those who do not have asthma. Some people might protest, and say they cannot imagine sleeping with it all the time. There are option to this, and it is suggested those sleep related medical equipment do so for at least four hours every night, to insure that their insurance continues to cover it. Although this is suggested over the period of one month, individuals can elect to use it more frequently.

There Are Options Between Face Masks and Nasal Pillows For Those Who Would Like a Choice

Many people are scared about sleeping with a mask on. Cpap machine masks are one choice that individuals can use, but there are also other options, such as nasal pillow masks. It is entirely an individual choice, with one method not being better or worse than the other. Half of all users who have the cpap machines like to make use of the masks, while slightly less than half find the nasal pillows to be more comfortable. Those who are using the machines for the first time should try out both, and then do what feels best for them and their needs.

It Is Important to Keep Using the Machine, Even When it Feels Like a Chore

Almost 50% of all individuals who have purchased a cpap machine stop using it within that first month. Although it may seem like a difficult life change to make, it is important to keep using the machine, since it can keep and individual safe and even prolong their life. As technology improves, the machines have become easier to use and live with, making them important for anyone who finds themselves living with this condition

finding a cpap machine for sale is easy, and there are many options for patients who use them today. The machines can save an individual?s life, and prolong their life expectancy, even when they have additional conditions that may affect their sleep apnea, such as asthma. Finally, people can choose between face masks and nasal pillows, allowing choices for comfort.