Fibroid tumor treatment

Although they typically don’t cause any issues, uterine fibroids can cause some seriously painful problems depending on their size and on their locations. Here are just a few of the most uncomfortable signs and symptoms of fibroids.

Lower Back Pain.

Though it’s rare, one of the more troubling symptoms of fibroid cysts is lower back pain. Sometimes, fibroids will develop in a place at a size that presses against the muscles and nerves of the lower back, which can be quite painful. However, back pain does not necessarily indicate that you have large, problematic fibroids, as there are several different things that can cause back pain.

Pelvic Problems.

Another of the rare, but painful symptoms of fibroid cysts is pelvic pain, which can be both acute, and severe. Unlike the other painful symptoms of fibroid cysts, though, this is not caused necessarily caused by the size and place of the fibroids, but a process called degeneration. Usually, such pain is localized to one spot, and abates in two to four weeks.

Pain During Intercourse.

Last but far from least, one of the most painful and troubling symptoms of fibroid cysts is pain during intercourse. It may only happen at certain points in the menstrual cycle. It may only happen in certain positions, but it can happen. This is a particularly serious issue, and if your doctor does not ask you about it, be sure to mention it.

If you suffer from any of these symptoms of fibroid cysts, you need to seek medical attention as soon as possible. Schedule an appointment with your gynecologist to discuss which uterine fibroid treatments may be able to help you, and eliminate whichever terrible symptoms of fibroid cysts you may be suffering from.

If you have any questions the different uterine fibroids treatment options out there, feel free to ask in the comments.