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Whether you’re a parent or a childless citizen of the world, it’s probably easy to say that nothing is more essential than having the children of the world be both happy and healthy. And as any parent can tell you, once they take on the role, it’s not longer about themselves — now, it’s about the best interest of their child. And when it comes to medical care, choosing the right pediatric care specialists is just one of the many instances where putting your child first is essential.
But where and how do you find the best pediatrics specialist out there for your child? While almost all practices have pediatric care, it is often difficult to attain one of these doctor’s as your child’s general physician. And if your child gets sick at a moment’s notice, it isn’t always possible for them to tend to your child when he/she needs it most. Because of this, urgent care pediatrics are often a great option for parents looking for find their child the right doctor.
Why? Check out these three reasons:

  1. Professional Experience Where it Counts: Urgent care centers employ only the most experienced and professional doctors, physicians, nurses, and technicians. 65% of all urgent care centers have a minimum of one physicians available at all times.
  2. Hours of Availability: Unlike typical doctor’s offices, urgent care clinics are open on weekends. And anyone with children can tell you that when it comes to injury and illness, it almost never strikes at a convenient time. And with the average child catching the cold as many as 6 or 10 times a year, you’re going to need a physician that you can depend on, regardless of what time it is or what day of the week it is.
  3. Cost Effective: Urgent care centers are often great alternatives to emergency room visits for adults and children alike. This is partially because of how affordable urgent care clinics are for testing and immediate treatment. For example, a typically emergency room visit can cost as much as $1500. Meanwhile, a trip to urgent care typically costs as much as $150.