Vampire facelift results

Over the course of a lifetime, shaving can cost more than $10,000, and waxing might cost more than $23,000. Once you factor in the time it takes to complete these tasks, as well as the potential for pain, injury, and inconvenience, it’s no wonder that modern day cosmetic experts have tried to find a better alternative. For many individuals, hair removal laser treatment is that better option. If you have embarrassing or unwanted hair on your body, then you might be considering laser treatment. If you do choose to move forward with the procedure, here is what you can expect.

It starts with a consultation.

For women, the most common areas chosen for hair removal are the upper lip, underarms, bikini line, stomach, and legs. Men prefer to have hair removed from their sideburns, back, stomach, arms, and buttocks. Unfortunately, white, grey, and red hair are difficult for lasers to remove, if not impossible, due to their pigmentation and depending on the types of laser treatment and procedures that the clinic offers. Hair removal laser treatment also can’t be performed on skin that is tattooed, or has makeup. Whether you need laser treatment for facial hair, or underarm hair, a consultation with a clinic who offers these services will be necessary to determine if you are a good candidate.

After a consultation, you will receive laser treatments.

The hair removal laser treatment will take between just a few minutes, and an hour, depending on the size of the area to be treated. The technician will use the laser to direct pulses of energy to the hairs, where they target melanin and pigment. This energy heats hair down to the root of the follicle, destroying it. Some people experience little to no pain, while others compare the discomfort to having a rubber band snapped against their skin. Many lasers have built in cooling devices, and sometimes anesthetic gel can be used to numb the treatment area. Ultimately, between four and eight treatments could be necessary in order for the laser to reach all of the hair when it is in the ideal phase of growth.

Once treatments are completed, you can enjoy the laser hair removal benefits.

Most individuals only ever experience mild side effects, such as short term redness and swelling which can last for between a few hours to a few days. It is important to follow the recommendations of your technician and to avoid tanning, excessive sun exposure, hot baths, saunas, pools, and perfumed products. Laser hair removal is more environmentally friendly than most of the alternatives, and can be much more cost effective depending on your previous hair removal regimen.

In America, the last time that laser treatment hair removal procedures were quantified was in 2009, when there were more than 893,054 procedures done. If frequent, costly, or inconvenient hair removal practices are keeping you from feeling as confident as possible, then you should consider a consultation with a laser hair removal spa or clinic to learn about your options. If you are a good candidate, then you are just three simple steps away from your desired results. Helpful info also found here.