Being a roof contractor is a very physical job. If you want to keep working, you have to keep your body in shape! Odds are it’s your lower back that’s been bothering you. This video will teach you how to take care of your lower back so that you can work longer with no pain.

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Every day, right before you get to work, you should do a quick warm-up. Loosen up with some toe touches. Remember to keep your back straight. When you do lifting on the job, use your legs to do the work and try not to bend your back. Keep the weight distributed evenly.

You need to focus on your core and work out your legs and midsection. You can do this by doing some 30-second planks. You get into a push-up position but keep everything straight for a count of 30. You can do deadlifts with a kettlebell. Keep your upper body straight and left with your legs. Think of it as practice lifting for the job. Do some kettlebell swings to get into the habit of keeping that back straight.

If you make your core stronger, keep your back straight, and practice some good habits you will be in less pain and not need costly chiropractic visits.