Chronic pain issues are common all throughout the United States, there is certainly no doubt about this. And though chronic pain issues can vary from person to person, many people are particularly affected by back pain. It has been estimated that up to one half of American adults who are currently part of the workforce deal with back pain to some extent over the course of the year, and that more than seventy five percent (eight percent, to be a little more exact) of the total adult population of people here in the United States will deal with back pain over the course of their lives.

Back pain, of course, varies from person to person. It’s not going to be the same from one person to the next, and some types of back pain tend to be relatively tolerable and compatible with everyday life. However, some types of back pain are incredibly debilitating and can even cause a person to not be able to work, costing them their livelihood.

In addition to this, there are many causes of back pain as well. For instance, up to thirty percent (or very nearly so, twenty nine percent, to be more exact) think that their chronic back pain is directly related to their levels of stress. The more stress that they have, the more back pain originates. However, this is far from the only cause of back pain.

Weak muscles and lack of exercise can also lead to back pain, as is the case for up to twenty six percent of all back pain sufferers here in the United States alone. Unfortunately, the living of a very or even just relatively sedentary lifestyle is common all throughout the country, as the majority of working professionals work desk jobs where they do not have much opportunity to get up and get moving. And without this necessary movement, their muscles become week and they develop considerable levels of back pain, not to mention the uncomfortable positions that many of them sit in for work day in and day out.

For another twenty six percent of back pain sufferers, physical labor was a direct cause of their back pain. In those positions where physical labor is unavoidable, there are many ways in which you can become injured if you are not incredibly careful. And even when you are careful injury can sometimes still occur. And sometimes, unfortunately, one injury one time can lead to chronic back pain that lasts for the rest of the person in question’s life, seriously hampering not only their quality of life but often even their ability to perform on the job as well, at least in the way that they were able to previous to the injury taking place.

But what can these back pain sufferers do to help relieve their pain without needing to resort to prescription painkillers? For many people, chiropractors can provide the solution for back pain disorders and other types of back pain. Chiropractors, in fact, have been found to help over eighty percent of the people who they have treated.

Chiropractors can handle a number of different cases as well. For instance, chiropractors can often help to relieve a great deal of pain found with spinal disorders, and some could even be considered to be a spinal disorder expert. In addition to this, chiropractors can help to relieve pain in other joints of the body, ranging from elbow problems to shoulder pain to knee injuries. For the typical chiropractors operating here in the United States, the focus is on healing and rehabilitation as well as helping their patients to find long term relief as often as is possible based on their injuries and overall physical condition.

Back pain can be utterly debilitating for many people all throughout the country. However, chiropractors can help to relieve much of this back pain – and can even help to provide relief on a much longer term scale as well, helping their patients to heal when they need it most in terms of their pain.