We all try our best every day to be careful and pay attention to avoid any problems. But sometimes we get hurt. Sometimes we are in accidents. Sometimes we can’t stop sneezing, or we fall and twist an ankle.

Any time a sudden medical matter comes up, it’s good to be able to turn to an urgent care. An urgent care, which is usually open 7 days a week, addresses a wide range of issues, from fractures to scrapes to stitches to bumps and bruises–and then some.

Here is an overview of what types of health care service you can expect to find at an urgent care, when you have a medical matter and it is not feasible, advisable or practical to visit an emergency room.

First of all, let’s start with accidents and injuries. An urgent care will treat sports injuries and Worker’s Comp injuries such as muscle strain and sprains. You will also be able to get a splint in a clinic as well as a digital x-ray. Minor injuries such as lacerations, foot and back pain and joint pain are treated in a clinic, too.

Next,let’s move to problems that happen mostly (but not only) in the great outdoors. These include rashes, insect bites, dehydration, cuts, burns, allergies, swimmer’s ear, skin irritation and infections, poison ivy, inner ear infections and earaches, athlete’s foot and asthma.

Also, many types of tests are available in an urgent care clinic. These include EKG, adult vaccines, blood tests, blood work, HIV testing, STD testing, travel medicine and vaccines, TB testing, DOT testing, flu shots, hazmat screening, DOT physicals, employment screening and flu/influenza shots.

Sometimes you don’t know what is exactly wrong, but you have symptoms like abdominal pain, wheezing, dizziness, vomiting, heartburn, headache, nausea, a migraine, cold sores, a cold, cough, diarrhea or hemorrhoids. A visit to an urgent care clinic can lead to a diagnosis of what is wrong, so treatment can start and the patient will be on the way to getting better.

Finally, there are many infections that can be identified by a trip to an urgent care. These include strep throat, staph infections, sinusitis, pneumonia, kidney infection, joint infections, bronchitis, bladder infections and urinary tract infections, abdominal pains and abscesses.

From this overview, it is clear that an urgent care addresses a wide spectrum of medical problems. When time is of the essence, it is a great relief to know that a doctor is available in an urgent care and that they are there to treat so many medical matters.

We all know how awful it is when we have an accident or someone we care for is hurt or doesn’t feel good. It is so unpleasant when we have to make an emergency trip for medical help. And any time a sudden medical issue comes up, it’s always inconvenient and it’s always scary. This is why a local clinic with friendly care and medical treatments like you find in an urgent care is such a reassuring option.