What is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty, commonly called a “nose job”, is a form of cosmetic surgery to reconstruct the shape of your nose, and is one of the top three most popular procedures done in plastic surgery.

There are several reasons why people will decide to have rhinoplasty done: To repair a broken nose, to correct breathing issues, to repair a birth defect, or just because they are unhappy with the way their nose looks.

If you are seeking cosmetic surgery for aesthetic reasons, having rhinoplasty can transform your looks and greatly improve your emotional self-esteem. There are various aesthetic conditions corrected by rhinoplasty, which include:

  • Nose straightening
  • Trimming cartilage
  • Reshaping the bone
  • Reshaping a flat bridge
  • Nostril reduction

    What does Rhinoplasty Involve?

    Rhinoplasty can be performed either surgically or non-surgically, depending on what you desire to have done. For example, surgical methods are for more detailed work that includes making incisions to work with underlying cartilage and tissue; whereas non surgical methods are for correcting minor imperfections and will typically involve injectables or fillers like botox. Nasal implants are another option for those who want to alter the shape or size of the nose.

    For surgical procedures, all incisions are made inside the nose, so there are no visible scars. That being said, Rhinoplasty is still an invasive plastic surgery and does require a great deal of precision and care in the performance.

    Your initial consultation with your plastic surgeon will be an in-depth discussion to talk about your goals, need, and expectations for seeking this rhinoplasty procedure, and if you would be a good candidate for rhinoplasty surgery.

    Your doctor will outline what the surgery entails, along with the possible risks involved, and will discuss rhinoplasty cost. He or she will also detail the before and after-surgery treatment, including rhinoplasty recovery time and care.

    What Does Rhinoplasty Cost?

    The cost of a nose job varies by facility, but the average total rhinoplasty cost is typically between $5,000 and $10,000. This cost includes the surgeon’s fee, anesthesia, and facility fee.

    Other factors of rhinoplasty cost includes your location, the type of procedure you need, and your plastic surgeon. For example, a non-invasive, or a minor surgical procedure will have a much lower price tag than a more complicated surgery. Where you live will also influence cost – rhinoplasty cost in larger metropolitan cities may be much higher than smaller towns.

    Finally, a more qualified, experienced surgeon will typically command a higher fee than less experienced surgeons, but having a more qualified surgeon is well worth the cost and ensures the best care for your desired results.

    If cost is a factor, most plastic surgeons have flexible finance plans available to fit your needs, just ask your doctor how they can accommodate your budget.

    Having a rhinoplasty procedure doesn’t have to be scary or out of reach for anyone who truly desires to change the way their nose looks. If it is something that will improve your health, or your overall confidence and self-esteem, it is worth having done to benefit your lifestyle.