Prescription safety glasses

Having the chance to reglaze glasses professionally is something that a lot of people would probably take advantage of if they knew where to go. Roughly 75% of all adults in the U.S. use some kind of vision correction, including eyeglasses. With approximately 50% of eyeglasses purchased range in price between $100 and $149 dollars, it is easy to see why some people would want to find an affordable way to reglaze, rather than replace.

In 2012, the Vision Council Influence Report estimated that in the United States, there was a two million annual rate of online purchases of frames and eyeglasses. With that in mind, many will probably find the idea of hiring people to help them online. If they need to repair or reglaze glasses that they currently own, working with an online company could actually be the most convenient and affordable option.

These options will be open to everyone, no matter what kind of glasses they may wear. While nearly twice as many women in the United States use contact lenses as compared to men, both will find their frames and lenses perfectly intact when they receive them back.

In 2012, the aforementioned Vision Council also estimated that the “repurchase cycle” for eyeglasses is approximately 2.2 years. There is little to no different in that timeline between women and men. Whether people are looking to purchase a new pair of sports glasses, bifocals, or generic reading glasses, they may want to consider finding an online store that can do it all. After all, why bother with two separate businesses, when you can buy and repair your glasses all in one place? Learn more about this topic here: