The new year is here. What vacations are you looking forward to?

Don’t feel bad if you’re unsure. Taking a vacation is rarely a spur of the moment decision, due in no small part to the budget required and the schedules that need to line up to make the dream a reality. In fact, it’s thought half of all Americans don’t actually take their paid vacation time. The list below will look into why you should consider booking a resort this year, from improving the state of your mental health to even giving your relationship a boost. Not sure how that relates to relaxing on the beach and sipping from a fruity drink? By the time you’re finished reading the sea breeze will be calling your name.

Improve Your Mental Health With A Break

Vacations aren’t all fun and games…even when they are fun and games — they’re an essential part of an emotionally and mentally healthy individual. The United States is facing some of the worst burnout rates ever recorded, with a recent study finding just over half of the American workforce reporting at least one incidence of burnout in 2015. Burnout can sap your energy and leave you in a very poor spot to get back to work, with some anecdotes citing months of productivity taken away. Getting some extra sleep, refusing to check your e-mail and applying for a facial can fill you up with new life.

Reignite The Spark In Your Relationship

All work and no play can keep the fondness at bay. If you can recall more than a few pointless squabbles and cold shoulders in the past few months between you and your significant other, it may be time to look into some luxury accommodations. A couples massage is a great way to loosen up some sore muscles while still enjoying time together, that of which is offered frequently at luxury resorts. A couples weekend will not just include a couples massage, but fun events like live music, fine dining and tourist packages. A recent study found four out of 10 travelers admitting they feel much more romantic on vacation.

Create Some New Memories To Remember The Year By

Perhaps the most important aspect of a good vacation is creating some fond memories. The new year has just started, which means plenty of time to plan exactly what you want to get out of your weekend off. An international study saw nearly 60% of respondents admitting they much prefer to relax while on vacation than to be more active, meaning something as simple as trying out the local food can be the key ingredient to your memorable stay. Back in 2015 Americans logged in nearly two billion trips for strictly leisure purposes. How can you incorporate a couples massage with some sightseeing this year?

How To Plan Your Unique Vacation

Whether you’re worried about budget or aren’t sure where you should spend an entire week, take some extra time today to do some browsing. There are a plethora of fun and relaxing options available to you, all of which will help immensely with reducing your stress and making you feel like yourself again. A couples massage can knead out some of that lingering tension between you and your loved one and help you feel more romantic again — an AARP survey saw 25% of Millennials actively planning on a romantic getaway. Boat trips, museum tours and eating outside on the balcony can all be simple yet effective ways of enjoying a temporary change of pace.

No matter what speaks to you, a vacation will inject some new life into your veins and make the rest of the year bend to your will.