Healthy lifestyle - young man runningDuring the 1980s bodybuilding and fitness grew to immense popularity, and thus,the best workout routines for men became big business. Prior to those days, one rarely heard about 8 pack abs workouts, because it had not yet become the rage that it is now. These days, however, it seems that every guy dreams of getting the abs that can be achieved through 8 pack abs workouts. Yet, few men are willing to put the effort required by 8 pack abs workouts. Nonetheless there are all kinds mens bodybuilding and mens health and fitness magazines that offer various six pack abs exercises and workout routines to get ripped. But for those who are interested in 8 pack abs workouts, it takes more than doing the exercises to be successful.

It seems that a lot of guys who want six pack or eight pack abs think that it will be enough simply to perform the exercises for abs for men. However, doing abs exercise is not going to get rid of the flab that is already hiding whatever ab muscles are there. In order for 8 pack abs workouts to be successful, men also must follow a strict diets and get plenty of cardiovascular exercise. While there is an element of aerobic exercise involved in 8 pack abs workouts, it may not be enough to burn the fat that lies on top of the abdominal muscles. And when a guy is trying to get six or eight pack abs, consuming burgers, fries, pizza, and beer several times a week is definitely not going to make it happen.

If a guy is aiming to get any kind of definition in his abdominal area, it is imperative that foods high in saturated fat and complex carbohydrates be eliminated from his diet. While having a slice of pizza once in a while is okay, eliminating those types of foods entirely from the diet will make it easier to stick to a routine. Instead, of fatty or high carbohydrate foods, a guy who is in the midst of 8 pack abs workouts should choose whole grains and high protein foods, instead. In addition to following a strict diet, at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise is required to lose the fat that is already there. While 20 minutes per day of intense aerobic exercise might be enough for some men, 30 minutes is a realistic goal.