Treatment for back pain

You’ve probably heard that ice cream and pickles can be helpful during pregnancy, a time when women experience strange sensations in their bodies as well as even stranger cravings. One thing you might not have considered for pregnancy help: chiropractic care.

In fact, experienced chiropractors can help relieve the sensation of pressure on the spine and tension in the body that occurs as a result of the newly carried weight. What else can chiropractors help with?

Treatment for Leg Pain

According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, up to 32% of Americans suffer from chronic leg pain. Common causes of this issue include herniated discs and an irritated sciatic nerve (sciatica). A chiropractor will examine the overall spine and legs in order to diagnose the problem and establish a course for treatment. It is likely that chiropractic treatment for leg pain will involve small spinal and ligature manipulations in order to improve alignment.

Spinal Injury Treatment

At least 30% of U.S. adults suffer from back pain. Back pain can have multiple causes including bad posture, accidents or slipped discs. This is one of the most common reasons patients visit chiropractic clinics. Although many people have the impression that chiropractic care involves a hard, large crack to the back, in reality treatment for back pain is usually a more controlled and careful set of manipulations. Some chiropractors even use massage in order to help loosen up muscles. Keep in mind that visiting a chiropractor should, in the long run, leave you feeling better, not worse.

Treatment for Headaches

Every year, 157 million work hours are lost in the U.S. as the result of migraine headaches. Millions of Americans suffer through headaches every year, often finding little recourse in medication. Chiropractic care is one solution that gives a hopeful resolution to some sufferers. In 85% of females, and 50% of males, migraine symptoms decreased or ceased altogether after a two year period of chiropractic treatment.

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