How do i achieve the low testosterone total transf

When it comes to low test levels, testosterone is not something you want to see. Low testosterone (commonly known as “low T”) is a medical condition that affects as many as 13 million Americans and counting. Having low testosterone can be debilitating for men. If left untreated (and unfortunately, only 10% of men with low T seek treatment), low T can lead to medical conditions such as decreased muscle and strength, increased body fat, a lack of energy and focus, lowered libido, insomnia, and depression. In some grave cases, low T can even reduce life expectancy.

Luckily for patients, however, testosterone deficiency is totally treatable. Under testosterone replacement therapy, patients can control their low T and bring their test levels back to normal. Replacement therapy involves the intake of synthetic hormones. The testosterone can be administered by a shot, gels, pills, and even pellets embedded under the skin! Once your low test levels dissipate and return to normal, your body will automatically become healthier. Many patients can go on to lead perfectly healthy lives.

Still not convinced? Consider that hormone replacement therapy is used by many doctors and specialists for fighting low T. Although testosterone replacement therapy is somewhat controversial, it has a proven track record of success. Moreover, it can make men who suffer from the ailment feel less tired and drowsy, leaving them more time and energy to live life as it should be lived. Low testosterone’s poor health effects cannot be understated. Although there are a number of causes for low T — genetics, kidney and liver problems, lack of exercise, etc. — its symptoms are pretty standard, and debilitating.

Hormone replacement therapy is a strong and reliable way of treating low testosterone and its discontents. Feel free to leave a comment or question at the bottom to find out more. Helpful info also found here.