Culinary experience

Everyone has a favorite ingredient, but few products receive such enthusiastic praise as fennel pollen. This green-gold powder, taken from the fennel plant, has been used in Tuscan and Italian households for generations, where it can be found in everything from breads and salads to meat and fish dishes. The spice was first introduced to the American market as a digestive aid, but took the professional culinary scene by storm in the mid-1990s. Today, millions of cooks have embraced fennel pollen recipes: combining the licorice-like fennel flavor with notes of anise, citrus and honey, fennel pollen is truly one of the most versatile seasonings available. In fact, the Wall Street Journal once called it “Culinary Fairy Dust.” But few cooks seem to realize that this delicious, flavor-boosting ingredient can be used to make quick and easy unique desserts. If you’re thinking about buying fennel pollen, don’t forget to include sweeter recipes alongside your other, more savory courses: use the recipes below to inspire some delicious and unique desserts!

Pies and Cakes
If you think your favorite cakes and pies could use a little something extra, try adding fennel pollen. The unique flavor compliments various fruits, such as apples and figs, and acts as a nice addition to carrot cakes. Even chocolate cake can benefit from a little fennel pollen! You can research new recipes for these desserts that use fennel pollen, or you can simply add a tablespoon or teaspoon of the powder to a tried-and-true favorite. But use it sparingly: fennel pollen is well-known for its potent flavor.

Fennel pollen notes pair well with ginger, oatmeal, cinnamon, orange, lemon and chocolate. As a result, it can easily be added to cookies and other convenient desserts, like cinnamon buns, muffins and streusel. Simply sprinkle the spice on top of your creation or mix it into your batter.

Other Creative Desserts
Have you ever thought about how flavors like anise, licorice, citrus and honey would pair with a dish of Cherries Jubilee? What about strawberry ice cream? These possibilities are only two of the innumerable ways fennel pollen can be used as a dessert ingredient. With so many uses, every cook and chef can find a use for fennel pollen. Try this “Culinary Fairy Dust” today!