The job that you have is bound to play a part in your overall health. Those working office jobs are not on their feet as much as, say, landscapers or siding contractors.

While not all of us can have a job as professional athletes, we can still make an effort to make positive health strides while on the job.

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If you find that you have the time outside of your normal work schedule to hit the gym and stay active, then having an active career might not matter quite as much to you.

Being a farmer or a firefighter will typically keep you in good shape. Other jobs might not require heavy lifting but will still keep you on your feet throughout the day. These jobs could be anything from a nurse to a movie theater attendant.

If you are happy with your office job but would like to move around a bit more, be sure to take frequent breaks from sitting at your desk! Additionally, never forget the impact that a healthy daily lunch will have a positive effect on your health.