When you have acne, you never know when you could have your next breakout. For acne sufferers, bad skin comes easily and often. It’s a good idea to go to one of the local acne dermatologists to look at your skin and have them prescribe treatment for it.

Some dermatologists won’t see acne patients, so it’s important to make sure that the dermatologist you call will see you for your problem. Getting acne during puberty is normal and expected, but many people keep their acne long after puberty is over. It’s also common to get acne everywhere and have a hard time getting rid of it.

For some people, acne gets worse throughout the day because of oily skin. But whichever skin type you have, there are many treatments that are available for treating acne. Some of these are available by prescription only. Treatments include topical formulations as well as pills that can treat it. Many people do both in order to tackle their acne.

When you suffer from acne and want it to end, it may simply be a condition that you have to maintain over the course of your life. It may never go away completely, but treatments can help.

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If you have a skin condition, you have likely found that its effect extends far beyond your daily appearance, comfort, or medical health: instead, you probably notice that it makes you feel self-conscious, nervous, or constantly concerned about your overall health. For this reason, whether your condition is a medical or cosmetic, you most likely want to talk to the best rated dermatologist you can find to help you access the best skin care possible for your specific ailment. Fortunately, with a high volume of excellent dermatologist doctors across the country, it is easier than ever achieve the healthy, beautiful skin you want.

Currently, there are approximately 7,575 dermatologist clinics in the United States, all of which treat a variety of common, rare, serious and benign skin conditions every day. One of the most common skin problems these clinics treat, however, is acne, a widespread skin problem that results in red bumps on various parts of the body that can result in scarring and other problems. As many as 85% of people will suffer from acne at some point of their life, often during adolescence: studies show that more than 40% of teenagers have acne or acne scarring by their mid-teens. However, acne can affect people at almost any age. Today, around 40 to 50 million Americans have acne, and many turn to dermatologist acne treatments to help resolve the issue. To treat acne, the best rated dermatologists will typically recommend a variety of acne treatment products and methods, such as laser acne treatment, based on the severity and type of a patient’s acne. This regimen will usually involve several visits to the clinic and may change regularly based on the success of a specific product or procedure.

While acne is largely a mild to severe cosmetic issue, dermatologists will also treat medical problems, such as skin cancer, which an estimated one in five Americans will develop at some point in their lifetime. Often caused by prolonged exposure to UV radiation, skin cancer can develop in almost anyone, but is more prevalent in people with pale skin tones who sunburn easily. Untreated skin cancer can cause disfigurement and even death; because of this, dermatologists commonly offer checks, testing, and treatment for skin cancer to help prevent and provide early treatment for this condition before it becomes serious. If you have a high risk of developing skin cancer, you should regularly check your own skin for changes and schedule annual appointments with a dermatologist specialist to ensure you are healthy. However, even if you do not have a high risk of skin cancer, you should still check your skin and visit a dermatologist if you notice new moles or freckles, or that an existing mark on your skin has become discolored or painful.

Dermatologists offer treatment for a variety of skin conditions, including acne products, skin cancer biopsies and radiotherapy, even skin tag removal procedures and varicose vein laser treatments. These services have a number of effects: they help people feel more confident, increase their comfort, protect against medical problems, and more. If you have a skin condition, don’t wait: search for the best rated dermatologist in your area today to begin treatment.