Hair transplant surgery

Have you recently discovered that you may be in need of hair restoration? Maybe you’ve seen a noticeable thinning on areas of your scalp and you aren’t happy with the way it looks. If so, you aren’t alone. In fact, two-thirds of American men experience some degree of hair loss by the age of thirty-five. The good news is that there is a procedure known as follicular unit extraction (also known as FUE) that may be able to help. Here’s a bit more information:

1. FUE Hair Transplant Procedure – The FUE procedure is actually quite simple. Essentially, individual follicular unit grafts (otherwise known as hair groupings of one to four hairs) are harvested one at a time from the donor area and then transferred to the thinning area. A typical FUE procedure takes somewhere around six to eight hours depending on the size of the thinning area.

2. Recovery Time – You’ll be happy to hear that the recovery time for a FUE procedure is just a mere matter of days. Not only can you be back at work soon, but the redness around the grafts tends to disappear quickly as well. Ask a hair loss specialist about how your thinning area would respond to a FUE procedure.

3. Benefits – There are many other types of hair restoration procedures on the market today, but there are reasons people continue to choose FUE. For starters, the procedure is minimally invasive, has an extremely lower complication rate, and has a short recovery time. FUE patients also appreciate the fact that they can choose to shave or keep their hair short in the future – a choice that other hair restoration procedures do not allow.

Approximately 85% of fifty year old men have significantly thinning hair. If you have found yourself in that category don’t lose hope. Discuss the FUE procedure with a hair loss specialist in your area today to see if your specific case could benefit from it. You’ll be glad you did!