It is an unfortunate truth that many American adults, and even some adolescents, are addicted to illegal drugs such as heroin or other opiates, or at least experimenting with them. Statistics are being kept to track how many Americans are abusing these substances, and the good news is that for every addict, there is an open spot at detox centers. Someone who has resolved to kick their drug habit may detox quickly and safely at a local rehab clinic with detox doctors to look after them, and this may be the road to recovery. Afterwards, the patient may take the proper steps to begin rehab and become totally free of their addiction. Meanwhile, pain clinics exist a cross the United States for Americans with issues such as ear, nose, or throat (ENT) problems, arthritis, diabetes, and more. Pain clinics may exist in many different forms, and “pain clinics” is really just a broad term for clinics that can treat one or more such issues. When is it time to visit detox centers or pain clinics?

Drug Addiction and Recovery

Many American adults and teenagers are abusing painkillers such as heroin or opiates, and often, these addictions start off with prescription drugs from a pharmacy or doctor’s note. As of 2015, a total of 20.5 million Americans aged 12 and over had a substance use problem. Among them, two million were using prescription pain relievers improperly, and 591,000 people had a substance abuse problem involving heroin in particular. The effects of such drug use can be devastating, and abusing drugs like these may lead to alienation from one’s own friends and family, loss of one’s job, and spending all their money and even committing robbery to fund that addiction. Medically, abusing such drugs can be deadly, and in fact accidental overdose on such drugs is the leading cause of accidental death in the United States. In 2015 alone, a total of 52,404 lethal drug overdoes took place, and opiates and heroin are responsible for a lot of these deaths.

The good news is that recovery is always possible, and concerned friends, family, and even co-workers may stage an intervention to bring this problem to the spotlight. If the addict agrees to get help, then they will go to a detox center to clear their system of the drugs. This will not be a pleasant process, but it is necessary for kicking an addiction. It should be noted that attempting a detox at home is risky, since it could easily lead to relapses or even life-threatening withdrawal symptoms where no one is available to help. Instead, the patient may spend a few days at a drug rehab center with close medical supervision, and the drugs will clear from their bodies. Withdrawal symptoms are to be expected, and they and the length of detox may vary based on the drug(s) that were being abused. By the time the patient has completed their detox, they can start therapy and counseling to end their addiction for good. They may also take part in anonymous support groups, which often prove effective for this.

ENT Doctors

Meanwhile, ordinary Americans may suffer any number of health issues that, while not necessarily life-threatening, may be painful and interfere with everyday life, ranging from ear infections to strep throat to arthritis to spinal problems. Someone who is suffering a condition may consult their doctor or a physician in their area, and their own doctor may diagnose the problem and refer them to a specialist who can help. Even something such as swimmer’s ear or head lice can be taken care of in this way. In particular, an ENT (ear nose throat) doctor specializes in those three organs of the body, and sometimes related organs in the head or neck. An ENT doctor may even be able to diagnose problems with the neck muscles or the jaw. Someone with strep throat, for example, may get this diagnosed with an ENT doctor and start taking medication, or they may get medicine for an ear infection. If a person is suffering great discomfort in their head, arms, or chest or anywhere else, they might start with a general search such as “pain clinics near me” and visit them.