If you are like most Americans, your bodily health ranks low on your list of priorities. Urgent care centers around the country offer a wide variety of services, whether you’re concerned about a mundane issue, such as skin irritation, or a severe problem, such as a broken bone (80% of urgent care clinics offer treatment for fractures). The trick is actually getting yourself to acknowledge the trouble and seek out a solution.

One of the most common ailments in the U.S. is back pain, specifically in the lower back. Many of the people (at least 40%) suffering from such pain have been doing so for years without seeking help from doctors or physical therapists. Whether due to money or laziness, this lack of willingness to take care of their bodies generally results in much higher medical costs caused by the fact that they simply waited too long to seek treatment. The fact that 85% of urgent cares are open every day of the week makes this behavior hard to understand. Putting off dealing with something that causes you pain or discomfort, no matter how minor you may think it is, is hardly worth the risk, especially with the prevalence of local urgent care centers and local doctors willing to work around your schedule to safeguard your health.

Urgent care centers provide walk-in services, allowing easy access to a range of relatively simple and straightforward appointments such as STD testing, TB testing, and can even offer referrals to help you find doctors that specialize in the treatment you may need. From physical therapy to dermatologists, urgent care facilities provide the resources you need either immediately in-house or locally. They can even set you up with a list of doctors to help you find a primary care provider for routine visits.

There are 20,000 doctors currently practicing in medical clinics around the country, seeing around 3 million patients each week. Don’t be one of those people who ignores an issue until it becomes unbearable and lands you in a (generally much more expensive) emergency room. Don’t let laziness and denial prevent you from seeking the medical help you need. Whether you have an injury or are just looking for advice and reassurance, urgent medical care facilities provide the best doctors and are always worth the time and money.