Tennis footwork drills

Possibly the number one reason most people would choose to join racquet and tennis clubs is that they love to play sports like tennis and squash. However, that’s not the only thing that most people who love these sports look for in a workout. There are several membership services and benefits associated with joining a racquet club. Here are some of the most popular of such perks:

Tennis and Squash Lessons

While it’s possible that those who join a tennis club may already be pros at the sport, everyone can always use advice on technique and game play. When it comes to choosing a club that offers lessons, though, most fans of these sports want advice from the pros. If you’re looking a great tennis club to join, look for one where champions, not amateurs, give lessons and lead clinics and camps.

Luxury Spas and Amenities

There’s more to a tennis club than working out, too. Many of these businesses are in the industry of self care, and offer a number of types of spa treatments that help their members relax. Getting a massage at a luxury spa also has health benefits, especially after a tennis match. Just ten minutes of massage can reduce inflammation and speed up the healing process for sore muscles. Other luxury spa treatments include steam baths, saunas, and various massage techniques.

Vibrant and Active Community Atmosphere

One of the positives of joining any types of health and fitness clubs is that they can mean never working out alone for most members. For those who prefer a more social environment for staying active, joining a tennis club can be a great decision. Not only will tennis and squash enthusiasts have a chance to meet other fans of the sports, but they can also play against and learn from some of the greats. Many clubs also offer tennis and squash mixers and tournaments, so the members of the club can get to know each other and get advice from several sources on improving their game.

Have more questions about what to expect before joining a racquet club? Find out which clubs are in your area and compare their features. You can also read reviews online to see if you’ve found the right place to go. Have other questions or concerns? Leave us a comment.