Your health is dipping and you’re in a tough situation.

You don’t have time to meet with your family doctor, but your situation is also not severe enough to warrant a trip to the emergency room. You’re low on money and want to make sure your condition doesn’t get any worse. When you feel all but exhausted on medical resources, an urgent care center is available to provide fast and accessible care. Your local multicare urgent care clinic is expressly designed to provide a convenient resource for minor to moderate injuries or illnesses. Even better? They can also provide preventative care to keep you healthy year-round.

More Americans are becoming aware of their medical options. Here’s what you should know about yours.

The State Of Urgent Care Clinics

Urgent care clinics are in high demand lately. That’s because the United States is seeing another shift in convenient healthcare for the general population. It’s estimated over 20,000 physicians practice urgent care medicine today. Additional data has shown three million patients to visit urgent care centers every week, to boot. When you need fast medical attention that doesn’t sacrifice quality, you drop by any number of walk in urgent care clinics. They can tend to your fractures, burns or nausea with time to spare.

Sprains And Fractures

It’s important to know what the urgent care model can and can’t do. They’re not designed as a replacement to the emergency room or your family doctor, but rather, a supplement to keep your options open. Four out of five urgent care centers today provide fracture care, which means you won’t have to search far for help when you’re barely able to walk. A recent estimate has found 25,000 Americans will suffer from an ankle sprain every day.

Cuts And Burns

What happens when you can barely stop the blood flow from a cut? Is your burn serious enough for a medical evaluation? It’s best to play it safe and let convenient medical care sort it out. An urgent care center can provide quick stitches and pain relief for cuts, particularly the ones too deep for home treatment. Burns should always be seen by a doctor, as the weakened skin is highly susceptible to infection. One of the best features about urgent care settings are their accessibility, with over 85% open seven days a week.

Flu Shots And STD Screenings

Preventative care is also highly important to maintain your health. Flu shots not only reduce your risk of coming down with the flu, but they keep highly vulnerable portions of the population safe from complications. These include the elderly, children and those with compromised immune systems. It’s recommended you get an STD screening every few years if you’re not sexually active or more frequently if you are. These are confidential, so you don’t have to worry about your status or medical information being shared without your consent.

The Benefits Of The Urgent Care Clinic

Not all health issues are the same. Some require ongoing physical therapy to treat, while others can be cured in a matter of days. The same logic applies to medical care. The urgent care industry is one of the fastest growing health sectors in the United States for its affordable cost, accessible locations and flexible treatment methods. An urgent care clinic can provide preventative care on top of fast treatment for minor to moderate injuries or illnesses, all wrapped up with a low cost. It’s estimated over half of all emergency room visits could have actually been treated at an urgent care setting instead.

Don’t wait for your health to get worse. Let a Mill Creek urgent care center provide minor fracture treatment or pain relief for your headache.