Kirkland wa urgent care

Have you suffered an accident that requires prompt care but is not life-threatening? Perhaps you’re dealing with food poisoning or some other condition that can be resolved through proper medical attention. If either is the case, you may want to consider visiting urgent care centers. In fact, this is often the route that is recommended by “Managed Care Operations.”

These urgent care facilities and walk in clinics are readily available in America. About one in 10 of these centers is accessible to those who reside in rural parts of the country. Overall, approximately 160 million trips to urgent care centers are made each year in America.

But why are these facilities sometimes preferable to emergency room care? For one thing, the Urgent Care Association of America Reports that nearly 70% of them typically make incoming patients wait no longer than 20 minutes before being treated. And as part of the treatment, patients can receive needed pain medications, antibiotics–any pressing medical matters can typically be resolved there.

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