If you want to hire limo services, but you’re not sure about the costs involved, watch this video by Gateway Limousine for more details.

Many factors influence how much the overall cost to hire a limo will be. These factors include but are not limited to how long you’ll need the vehicle when the vehicle is required, and the type of vehicle also plays a role in the cost.

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For instance, using a 6-seater stretch limousine might be less expensive than a more giant 25-seater limo bus.

Gateway Limousines has no hidden costs and believes in transparency when dealing with its customers. Pricing only changes when the client needs the vehicle longer than the prior arrangement.

With a comprehensive quotation, you can decide what limo services best suits your budget and required needs for the transportation event. The detailed quote also features how much you’ll pay for everything involving shipping, taxes, and toll fees. You will thus have the opportunity to prepare your budget based on the received quotation.