Medical supplies

It can be incredibly discouraging for someone to lose their full range of mobility. Whether they?re still able to get around to some degree, or seriously disabled, giving up mobility means giving up independence in the minds of money. While those living with disabilities ? or even simply the trials that come with advanced age ? do often end up having to rely on the help of others, this doesn?t mean giving up all freedoms. There are many different kinds of medical supplies available that can offer a new lease on life for many, and most can be find at your local medical supply store. Whether you?re confronting a disability yourself, or acting as a caretaker for the disabled, it?s important to stay informed about the options available for those with disabilities.

Mobility Scooters: A Good Compromise

When searching for the right medical equipment for a person with limited mobility, your mind may immediately jump to the idea of a wheelchair. However, once in a medical supply store you?ll quickly discover that there are many different options available for those who have difficulty walking, but aren?t quite ready for wheelchairs yet. Many find that they can walk, but not long distances or very quickly. With two different types of mobility scooters available ? front-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive ? available, many people can take advantage of the speed and convenience mobility scooters offer. In fact, mid-range scooters can reach speeds of up to five to seven miles per hour, making it much easier for people to get around.

Wheelchairs: What Are Your Options?

Something few understand is that the most common conditions among wheelchair users are stroke and osteoarthritis. This does not mean that all patients need a power wheelchair, though they?re great possibilities for those who do. In a medical supply store, you?ll probably find many different types of wheelchairs available for people with all sorts of different needs. A dual-arm wheelchair, for example, is a good option for those with extra weight, as they have lifts with a capacity of 800 pounds.

What About Less Heavy-Duty Options?

With as many as 6.5 million people depending on canes, walkers, or crutches to assist with their mobility, it?s clear that there are many who don?t need wheelchairs or mobility scooters, but still need a bit of help ? even temporary help! Crutches, canes, and walkers can be easily selected at a medical supply store, and often don?t come with the complex requirements associated with wheelchairs and mobility scooters. They can be stored in your home, being of relatively small size. They?re unobtrusive ways to get around.

There are so many options for people who still want to make their way around; you don?t have to let yourself or a loved one feel closed-off due to disability. The important thing to remember is to explore what?s available for you, and be informed.