Insulin syringes

It was a difficult phone call to make, but you knew that it had to be done. With some trepidation, you dialed the phone number that your father had given you. Within the first two rings, you heard a familiar voice. It was a voice from your childhood and you had not heard it for a long time, but it was still familiar.
The weary voice of your childhood neighbor confirmed that he and his wife were in town. They were staying at a hotel just a short drive from the medical center where his wife was receiving weekday radiation treatments. They traveled the two hour trip back home on Friday so they could spend the weekend at home, but returned again on Monday mornings.
Although the phone call was difficult, you knew that the next step was to make a visit. You attempted to prepare yourself, but you were caught off guard by all of the medical supplies and equipment in the hotel room. You were glad that the voices of your childhood neighbors were familiar, because you may not have recognized them. You looked past the disposable bed protectors and the sterile rolled cotton and found a way to focus on the voices and the much older faces of your former neighbors, a wife who was in the middle of radiation treatments, and a husband who was exhausted but seemed anxious for conversations about better times.
Medical Equipment and Supplies Help Families Care for Their Loved Ones at Home
Syringes for diabetes, gravity feeding bags, and medical canes are just a few of the many medical supplies and equipment that families can use at home or in a hotel room waiting for the next treatment. And while there was a time when these things were mostly in hospital rooms, the changing face of healthcare means that many of these supplies are used in homes as well. In an attempt to keep costs down and to keep patients more comfortable, more and more families find themselves looking for medical supplies and equipment. Whether you are looking for gravity feeding bags or mobility aids for seniors, you often have the option of local pharmacies or online resources.
Although 81% of retirees cited good health as the most important ingredient for a happy retirement, the fact of the matter is every 15 seconds, an older adult is treated in the emergency room for a fall. Families who want to help their aging parents stay safe know that getting the right kind of mobility equipment sooner rather than later is often a good investment. Gravity feeding bags, insulin syringes, and other supplies will help you care for the ones you love and keep them comfortable at the same time.