Drug rehab support

You have identified a drug or alcohol problem with your loved one. What can you do to help them? What types of treatment or private rehab options can you suggest to them? A drug or alcohol addiction usually involves an underlying medical or mental problem. For this reason, a complex treatment program that can look at all aspects of the addiction is usually best. For many, a private rehab center is ideal for many reasons.

Keep external factors out of the recovery process
There are many factors that can limit the recovery of someone with an addiction. If they are forced to recover, for example, they are less likely to take the drug rehab program seriously. If they have outside stressors requiring their treatment, such as a relationship, family, or career, they may feel too pressured to successfully overcome the addiction. The element of privacy helps them to focus on their recovery, and only their recovery.

Avoid shame
Some addicts suffer from strong feelings of shame. This shame might be caused from the use of the substance, the addiction itself, or the methods taken to obtain the substance. Either way, shame can be a damaging part of the never ending cycle of addiction. Shame can cause them to use again. It can make it more difficult to remain sober. It can also lead to overdoses and death by addiction. With 47,000 Canadian deaths linked to substance abuse annually, this is a real fear. Avoid the difficult process of shame with a private rehab center.

Preserve career
Random drug tests are common in the workforce today. Employers want to know that their employees, especially the high level ones, are free from any substances. These substances could alter their brain and the company decisions they make, thus causing the business to suffer. An employer finding out about an addiction can harm someone?s career. Drug rehab centers, however, allow them to privately attend therapy, without anyone, including their employer knowing.

Having a drug or alcohol addiction can also harm chances of new employment. Many new employers will do a background check of their potential employees. Private inpatient rehab centers will seal any and all records of participation. The employer will never be able to tell that the person was in attendance of the drug abuse rehab centers.

Privately work through mental illness
A lot of people turn to drugs or alcohol to self medicate a mental illness. With 70% of mental health problems having their onset during childhood or adolescence, it can be difficult to even be aware of the mental illness. Although mental illness is a normal part of society, there is still a stigma around it. A person who uncovers a mental illness during the recovery of a substance addiction may not want others to know of their illness yet.

One of the biggest advantages of private rehab
is that it allows the person to work through this new mental illness alone. It also prepares them to begin talking about it with trusted family and friends. People with mental illness are twice as likely to have a substance use problem compared to the general population. At least 20% of people with a mental illness have a co occurring substance use problem. Mental illness and substance addiction need to be carefully treated together.

Ability to escape
One of the biggest hurdles in recovering from substance addiction is avoiding temptations. One of the most common sources of temptations is from friends or family who also use. It can be extremely difficult to get sober from a substance that everyone around you continues to use. It generally takes a long period of avoidance to successfully recover. The private rehab center is the perfect escape to assist in drug and alcohol resistance.

Recovering from drug or alcohol addiction is a tricky process. It is a long road of uncovering things like mental illness and of repeated failures. Many believe that a private rehab center is better for successful recovery. It gives the person the ability to work through problems on their own, without the added pressures of the outside world.