Breast augmentation options

Recovery from breast augmentation is quicker and as painless as ever. Patients are able and allowed to return to work after period of only 2-3 days. This compares to the months long recovery period original breast plants would require in the late 1970s.

First approved by the FDA in 1976, the breast implant process has been improved considerably over the years. Though fatigue and soreness is common for several days after the breast augmentation surgery, your life returns to normal for the most part after 2-3 days… with a few exceptions.

Skin tightness in the breast area from swelling is normal as your skin adjusts to your new breast size for about a month, as is diminished sensitivity in the nipple area. You also will want to avoid strenuous upper body activity such as lifting weights or heavy objects. You can however begin jogging and participating in other lower body exercise in a matter of days after surgery.

Your doctor may ask you to wear a postoperative bra, compression bandage, or jog bra for extra support and positioning while you heal. Some surgeons may not want you to wear a bra at all for a period of time following your surgery.

Not only is recovery from breast augmentation quicker and easier than ever, there are also more breast implant options. Not only is there more choice when it comes to the specifics of sizes and shapes, which you can address during breast augmentation consultation, there is also another option besides silicon.

Though many say silicone implants feel more authentic than the alternative, saline, they pose more of a risk in the event of leakage. Whereas silicone-filled implants are silicone shells filled with a plastic gel, saline-filled implants are also an option, which are still composed of silicone shells. The FDA revisited its approval of silicon implants in 2006, and re approved their use.

Breast augmentation costs are another evolution in the industry since its advent. They are now more affordable than ever. But however you decide to go about your procedure, be sure to get all your breast augmentation facts during your consultation so you are comfortable moving forward with your breast implant procedure. And though recovery from breast augmentation is now safer and quicker than ever, it is still a surgery. If you ever experience a fever, or noticeable swelling and/or redness in the area, contact your surgeon immediately. Get more on this here.