If you work from home and love to exercise but don’t like the gym facilities in your area, building a barndominium home gym could be just what you need. Barndominiums provide homeowners with a blend of rustic and modern home styles and plenty of nature to create tranquility when working out.

So, what can you expect in a barndominium home gym? Unlike setting up a gym in an apartment, barndominium home gyms have plenty of space for all your gym equipment and users to move freely from one piece of equipment to the other.

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Plenty of space also means that you can customize your gym plan to your liking.

Some of the equipment you could fit in this home gym includes an adjustable weight bench with four seat positions and six back positions that can be adjusted for full-body workouts. You could also fit a freestanding punching back, power racks, cross trainers, multi gyms, treadmills, and commercial squat racks. Check out the linked video above to get ideas for your barndominium home gym.