From the use of drunk glasses to a womens anatomy chart, educating children in the human body is a hugely important part of any science related curriculum. And though drunk glasses might seem like something that would typically be confined to a health class, drunk glasses and other visual and interactive tools of learning such as a smoking chart or a meal portion plate – or even learning the muscles in Spanish – can be hugely instrumental to the growth of the brains of young children growing up and going to school all throughout the entire country of the United States.

And fostering the brains of young children is an incredibly important thing that must be done. In fact, there are even more nerve cells in just one human brain than there are the total number of stars in the whole entirety of the humongous and almost insurmountably large milky way galaxy, one of the largest known galaxies in the parts of the universe that has currently been discovered and explored. And brain development and learning is particularly important in the early years of a child’s life, particularly from their birth to the age of six. This is because the brain of the typical human infant and the typical young child are incredibly plastic, meaning that such young brains can make and strengthen important connections in a way that is not possible later on in life – even after the very young age of six has been surpassed. And, simply put, the vast majority of children simply learn best in different ways from older learners and adults. For instance, data and survey results show that as many as sixty five percent of all children currently enrolled in school in the United States have been found to be predominantly visual learners. And many children learn by experience and interaction and activity as well, such as can be seen in the use of anything from drunk glasses to fitness dice or even a giant toothbrush. All of these tools – perhaps drunk glasses most importantly of all – help children to learn the real life application of scientific concepts, such as how varying types and levels of alcohol effect the human body – and how this alcohol can impact your ability to function in the world. In this way, the use of drunk glasses can help young students to understand that drinking and behaving in dangerous ways, such as driving, can be hugely dangerous and life threatening – not only to themselves but to the other people that they come into contact with as well if they do so while they are drunk.

And there are many, many students who are in need of a more hands on education, such as can be achieved through the regular use of tools such as self esteem bingo and drunk glasses, tools that can help the learning of important and even life saving concepts to become just a little less dry and a little more fun, as well as far more applicable to the real world that they will soon be a part of. After all, the real world is hugely important and is something that they will very much need to learn how to navigate. Tools such as drunk glasses can not only teach them crucial scientific concepts that directly relate to the human body, but can also help them to learn highly important life skills as well.

With now more than fifty million public school students alone currently attending school in just the country of the United states alone – and with only just more than three million teachers – meeting the needs of each and every student can certainly be a difficult thing. But it is an important thing to do that must be done – or at least attempted – as thoroughly as possible, as this will be the best for the welfare of the students not only while they’re in school, but in the years to come that follow.