Do you remember one of the greatest thrills of your childhood? Of course you do! And if you’re like most kids, you have a very favorite memory of that thrill–getting on a bike and starting to ride. Especially that moment when you could do it yourself and you started zooming along on your own, with no one holding on any more.

That feeling of freedom, the crazy wind blowing all around, the speed, the pumping, maybe a brown leather bike seat…all things converge in this experience. A cyclist becomes liberated, free from the shackles of gravity and weight (or so it seems)…ready at any moment to lift off and fly.

Exhilaration like this…oh, if it could only last forever! Then, all of a sudden, one day you wake up and twenty-five years have passed. You are an adult, in an adult world with adult responsibilities. But there is still a world of freedom out there. The cycling world, a world where you can be your on your pat, choose your own preference among all types of bike saddles and keep that cycling dream alive.

One key factor in cycling is comfort. But how to choose a comfortable bike seat among the types of bike saddles available? A good seat, or anatomic bike saddle, is imperative as it will help relieve pain and pressure in the perineal area. Here is a sampling of six types of comfortable bike seats and bike saddles designed for performance and comfort.

The cutaway seat has a high-tech look from material being removed to remove pressure points.

The Gel Seat is made of shock-absorbing material that molds to you and therefore gives a custom fit.

The racing seat has quite a narrow shape and is light.

Mountain Bike
The mountain bike seat is light and has a nose that is downward sloped.

All Leather
The all leather seat is medium weight and highly attractive. It also keeps you cooler by absorbing your body heat.

Wide or Cushion
The wide or cushion seat is the heaviest of the seats, and it is also the widest style, especially in the back of the saddle.

Now that you have seen anatomical bicycle saddles, if you haven’t already, maybe it’s time for you to choose a bike, find your favorite among all types of bike saddles and jump on the seat of your choice!

And cycling is eco-friendly, too. There are twice as many bicycles as there are cars in the world, totaling one billion bicycles. So, experienced cyclist or novice, the eco-friendly world of cycling is ready and waiting to take you back to that fantastic feeling of your first, independent ride.