If you live in the United States and are young and healthy, the chances are good that you do not gave your own primary care doctor. That is unfortunate because the best way to stay healthy is to have a primary care physician and to have regular check ups. Here are some reasons you should think about finding a primary care office today:

  1. You will get better care. Primary care doctors can work with you to deal with a host of problems ranging from coughs, depression and anxiety, vaccinations and insomnia. If you are looking for natural remedies for insomnia and anxiety or want a natural remedy for headaches, your primary care doctor’s office is the place you should go. You should think of this person as the quarterback of your health team. When you have problems you need help with, starting there is your best bet. Also, all people will eventually need to see a specialist. You can get better information about the specialists you need to see but also having one person or office coordinate all of your care will help you stay healthy in the long (and short) run.
  2. People with chronic problems really need to have a primary care physician. To stay healthy when you have a variety of chronic problems such as arthritis, lupus, diabetes or heart disease, your health will stay good when you have professional help monitoring and watching your condition. They can keep an eye on your condition and help you keep it under control. They can also watch how it impacts your overall health.
  3. It can be easier to talk to one person with whom you have a relationship. Most people do not like to talk about their personal medical problems with people they do not know. When you are able to develop a good relationship with a primary care doctor, you can get to the point where you can be open and honest about the problems and concerns. This honestly will lead to better care. This honesty will also give you a better and more thorough record of your health care needs and health status.
  4. Your healthcare will cost less. Many people find going to the doctor every year to be a pain in the butt. They think that if they are healthy they do not need to go in for a physical. The upside to going in on a regular basis mimics the reason you inspect your roof on a regular basis or have your car looked at. When you go in before you have major problems, you can find small issues before they become larger. Larger problems are always more costly to deal with. Going to your doctor can lower your healthcare bills.
  5. You will have fewer reasons to go to the hospital. Unfortunately, most people have to go to the emergency room at some point in their lives. When you have developed a good relationship with a primary care doctor and they know you and your specific health issues, you will need to visit the emergency room less often. If you have someone to go to when you become sick, small illnesses will never get the chance to become emergencies. Also, when you do have an emergency, you can talk to your doctor’s office and they can guide you to your options. If you are sick or ill after hours, you can still talk to your doctor’s office to decide where you should go for care (many people who need medical care right away can go to an urgent care center rather than the hospital).
  6. You can become more comfortable going to the doctor. There are a lot of people who have anxiety about going to the doctor. This is so prevalent that there is even a term for the spikes in blood pressure people experience in a doctor’s office. They call that “white coat syndrome.” If you have started going to the doctor on a regular basis and have developed a good relationship with that person, you will feel more comfortable going in and may experience less anxiety going to the doctor.

At the end of the day, the best way to stay healthy is to go to your doctor regularly.