Emergency clinic

The healthcare industry has advanced and evolved a great deal over the last decade alone. One of the newest and most popular innovations is the advent of health clinics, or urgent care units. There are currently about 9,000 urgent care centers in the United States, according to the Urgent Care Association of America. That number continues to grow as the ease, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of these institutions does as well. While most people go to these places for broken bones, deep cuts, or other emergencies many people don’t know some of the less serious treatments they can provide. Here are three other services you can find at many health clinics across the country.

    1.) Intravenous Fluids: Whether you’re battling an illness or recovering from dehydration, getting intravenous fluids into your body can be one of the easiest and important solutions. Fortunately, 70% of walk in health clinics offer these services when needed.

    2.) Prescriptions: The main reason people go to the doctors when they’re sick is to get a prescription to combat the illness. What a lot of people don’t know is you don’t need to see your primary care physician to obtain one. Almost half (48.6%) of all urgent care clinics provide pre-packaged prescription pharmaceuticals. Cut out the pharmacy middle-man and take care of your ailment in one shot.

    3.) Flu Shots and Physicals: You can get a flu shot many different ways. At your doctors of course, but many times pharmacies and other organizations will offer them at the start of the winter season. If those options don’t fit your schedule, don’t worry. Health clinics are another place you can stop in and get a flu shot. Along the same lines, sports physicals are necessary for many kids to participate in school sports. Forget the hassle of scheduling an appointment and walk into your nearest clinic at your convenience and take care of that too.