Throughout America, many people earn an income by working in the medical industry. Research shows that the United States medical device industry provides jobs to over 356,000 people working at 5,800 companies. With that in mind, a number of people use medical devices to perform bone grafts. The United States remains the world’s largest market for medical devices, obtaining a market value of about $140 billion. It makes sense to want to learn more about this type of medical procedure. Here is more information about why many medical professionals are using bone graft guns.

Why People Need to Receive Bone Grafts

People receive bone grafts for a wide variety of reasons. Experts found that there are four main reasons people need to undergo these types of procedures. These reasons are for fractures that won’t heal, allowing bones to heal across a damaged joint as well as for regenerating and healing bones. Considering that, there are several types of instruments surgeons use for performing bone grafts. However, many medical professionals are realizing how beneficial it is to use graft guns during this type of procedure.

Advantages of Using a Bone Graft Gun on Patients

It makes sense to want to learn more about why graft guns are so popular. You’ll find that this type of medical device offers many types of advantages. With that in mind, here are three important advantages of using a graft gun.

  1. Keeps One Hand Free

    People in the medical field understand how often they’re holding instruments. This also holds true for surgeons who use medical instruments almost around the clock. Considering that, it’s understandable for these types of medical professionals to want a way to have one hand free. Fortunately, you can achieve this goal by using a bone graft gun. This type of graft delivery system only requires the use of one hand, keeping your other one free.
  2. Ensures You Know How Much Material You’re Using

    Throughout the world, many medical professionals are realizing the benefits of using substitute bone graft materials. Considering the popularity, it’s imperative for professionals to remain aware of how much material they’re using in their graft delivery systems. This ensures that patients receive an optimal amount of grafting material. Fortunately, certain bone graft delivery devices feature measurement markings that are easy to see. In turn, this allows you to rest assured knowing you’re delivering extremely accurate materials for your patients.
  3. Flexible Tubing Ensures Easy Delivery is Possible

    It would be impossible for the human body to properly function without bones. With that in mind, there are bones throughout almost every part of the human body. Considering that, this often means that patients need to receive bone grafts in areas that are difficult for certain medical devices to reach. Therefore, many surgeons use graft guns with flexible tubing. In turn, they’re able to have an easier time accessing areas that would otherwise prove difficult to treat.

To summarize, bone grafts are extremely important medical procedures. Considering that, there are several ways medical professionals are able to deliver graft material to their patients. With that in mind, guns are extremely popular types of bone graft delivery devices. If you’re looking for a convenient and reliable bone graft delivery device, consider using a graft gun.