Cpap machine effectiveness

An estimated 18 million Americans are currently living with sleep apnea, and nasal CPAP masks are widely regarded as a necessity to protect the health of these people while they sleep. Sleep apnea masks are a crucial part of your life as a person who suffers from this condition, and you need to know what to look for in the best CPAP masks.

The best CPAP masks come with a variety of features that makes them both more effective and easier to use. Like anything else in life, all CPAP masks are not the same, and you need to find one that will protect you to the fullest extent. From leak compensation to voltage selection, a quality CPAP mask will make you forget you’re even wearing it. Here are just a few of the most important features to look for when selecting a CPAP mask:

  • Leak compensation. When there is a small leak in your CPAP mask, it can cause a pressure drop that drastically reduces its effectiveness. To protect against this, the best CPAP masks will feature leak compensation. When small leaks are present, leak compensation will revert your machine back to its prescribed pressure and keep you breathing easy through the night.
  • On/off alerts. As many as 80% of patients who say they use their CPAP machine don’t use it enough to keep them safe, and this is largely due to masks being taken off in the middle of the night. The truth is, it is not enough to just make an effort to wear your CPAP mask, and you need to do everything you can to keep it on and ensure your health through the night. The best CPAP masks will come with a built-in on/off alert that will beep continuously until the mask is secured back on to your face.
  • Voltage selection. If you’re a frequent flyer and plan on using a CPAP machine overseas, then you absolutely need one with voltage selection. As you may already know, the outlets overseas are not the same as they are in America. Instead of buying a completely new machine when you go to a different country, you can get a machine that voltage selection that will work on any type of outlet.

Find a great online outlet for CPAP machines to find the best CPAP masks that have all of these important features. Sleep apnea is not something to cut corners on, and finding the best CPAP mask possible could be the best investment you ever make.