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Proton Therapy For Cancer

Cancer. It’s an ugly term born out of the millions who suffer and die from the illness each year. Cancer is when the body’s cells mutate and attack other cells. There are rare forms of cancer and common forms of

Mental Illness Considerations and Treatments

Telemedicine. It’s an important part of getting help and a new way of treating patients who have a mental illness. Telemedicine helps in numerous ways. A person might get anxiety from having to see someone in person. A person might

4 Signs That You Might be Suffering From Alcoholism

Around the world, many people are able to indulge in the occasional drink. That being said, there are others that can become prone to suffering from a condition known as alcoholism. If you think you might be an alcoholic, it’s

7 Things Everyone Can Do to Lose Weight

If you are like many people in the United States, you would like to lose weight. While there are a lot of fad diets out there that offer quick weight loss, many are unsafe, unproven, and will not help you

Many Treatments for Cancer These Days

Millions of people get cancer each year, and while it is still a very serious disease, it often is not the death sentence that it used to be. Improvements in cancer screening as well as improvements in cancer treatment mean

The Fascinating History of Medical Trials

The clinical study is a crucial way for us to test new medications, treatments, and medical interventions. In fact, nearly half of us agree that taking part in clinical trials is vital. So vital that it brings as much value